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About Us

About Us

Karma Conceptz is inspired work of Lakshmi Sreenivasan. Lakshmi is one of the best clinical hypnotherapist and is currently pursuing a corporate career in L & D consulting. Karma Conceptz is her ultimate goal of life and that is why it is already her chosen parallel path. Lakshmi is practicing past life regression and alternative therapies for last 8 years.


Lakshmi believes her curiosity to know the unknown and to explore the reason of her existence, a purpose – is all what lead to this pull towards holistic learning & practice. An intriguing childhood brought here interests into karmic concepts and she continued the passion through reading and exploring with her studies & career parallely.

The Calling and Idea

With time, she chose & excelled in her career as Client Relationship Management, Account management and later on as Learning & Development professional. And then, passion pulled back the strings and she decided to quit a well paying job and something else was the ‘calling’. She still pursues her career as a consultant, as she believes that is a part of her professional karma. Read more here about the Lakshmi’s calling to Karma Conceptz.

The idea of Karma Conceptz stands of three pillars of Trust: Trusting the Process of life. Compassion: Compassion for every being and Love: The very core of our existence.


Soniya Singh, based in Navi Mumbai, a Tarot Card Reader, an HR aspirant by Profession and a Mother of a Special Child.

Having a degree in B.Com and PGDBM, have worked as Human Resource Lead in a Market Research Firm and also tried hands as a Professional Make up Artist, Prior from her Practice as a Tarot Card Reader.

Even before learning Tarot Card Reading, she always had a deeper connection with the Spiritual Energy. Sonia says, these energies drew her closer to Tarot Reading. After reading numerous books & attending multiple workshop by Renowned Reader, Lakshmi Sreenivasan, under her correct guidance she found herself drawn more towards the spirit of Tarot every passing day

Sonia says,
Since childhood I experienced Deja Vu a lot or dreams that in some way come to be true.This is very usual to me and I naturally tap into my precognition/ premonition, either by dreams or glimpses of visions. On my journey of becoming a healer and psychic, I can get information intuitively and channel messages from Divine Beings. My energy gives me ability to serve as a bridge between this reality and the vast unknown, striking a perfect balance of both, Science & Common Sense, I.e. Mind over matter.

Very few people have power to connect to Spirit World and I have been.given this gift.Pairing my gifts with Tarot I am trying to tune into insights and energies to renew hope and catalyze growth. I have been called to put myself out there to allow those who needs guidance and clarity, pointing back to their unlimited potential.

My Aim/ Goal:

When you work with me, I will help you to overcome the challenges/ obstacles that have been holding you back and to gain clarity about the situations affecting you. I will guide you to take positive steps to bring about healing and transformation which will allow you to be empowered. To focus on achieving your dreams and to embrace your true life path by constantly and intensively working towards realising the potential within by harnessing your talents to bring out the best in yourself.


No matter what’s the situation, being very emotionally balanced and extremely level headed, I believe in making things run smoothly. As an incentive for not only inculcating in myself a positive approach to life but to reach out to others to do the same.

“Sharing GUIDANCE, LOVE & LIGHT to help you experience more Joy, Abundance & Fulfillment on Life’s Journey”🕉

What we offer?

Karma Conceptz offers a plethora of alternate healing therapies as our primary services. We have regular workshops for lifestyle and lifeskill betterment which include workshops like –

At Karma Conceptz, you can speak to your healer or therapist over the phone or can also avail alternate healing services through skype sessions.