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The best thing about life is – that it is unpredictable. And we adults are sometimes so caught up with situations and circumstances that we face a wide range of unwanted emotions, ranging from fear, anxiety, anger, bipolar, eating disorders, sleeping disorders etc.

As adults we become more confident about our work, job and professions and sometimes we become so distant from our own self that we feel rewired emotions which result in anxiety, anger, stress and sometimes even severe situations leading to depression.

The present generation, the new age corporate goers, achievers and many young adults sometimes visit us due to disorders related to overwhelming anxiety & stress, the overburdening work environments etc.

There are different kinds of problems & therapies which are required for adult counseling:

  1. Anxiety and Depression 
  2. Marital Troubles
  3. Anger and Stress Management 
  4. Work related trauma 

How Adult Counseling helps?

  • We help you reach your goals and set positive inclination towards them.
  • Behavioral disorders & control
  • Reducing anxiety and mood swings
  • Better personal and inter-personal relationships
  • Easing of transitions (new city, new job, divorce)

We are also conducting Group Sessions, Couple Therapies and Workshops specially designed for Adults under our Adult Counseling  vertical. You can subscribe to workshops or opt for online  adult counseling sessions.