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Basics of Self-Hypnosis

Posted by on Jan 6, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Basics of Self-Hypnosis

Basics of Self-Hypnosis

Before we go on to explore self-hypnosis, let us first understand what is Hypnosis and also let us discuss briefly the myths around hypnosis.

Whenever we hear the term Hypnosis, some vague and intriguing stuff rules our mind suggesting a helpless victim like person and someone who can cure them through a mystic magic – we all think of as hypnotherapy.

Understanding Hypnosis

Hypnosis may sound and feel mystical and a complicated phenomenon difficult to be explained to an average human being. But it isn’t. Hypnosis is nothing but a therapeutic tool and It helps people overcome psychological, mental and emotional problems.

Hypnosis is not at all about brainwashing, unconscious mind state, sleep. It does not signify or suggests controlling a mind or leading a mind to an altered state.

On the contrary, a hypnotized person is absolutely aware, in control naturally and can choose to come out of hypnosis when s/he wishes to.

Also, hypnosis is not sleep. Though in hypnotized state the conscious awareness reduces to an extent but the mind is alert and knows what is happening to them. It is a therapy that helps in overcoming emotional, personal and sometimes mental problems.

Now that we have fair understanding of hypnosis, let us explain how self-hypnosis different from hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis – Basic Rules

In Self-Hypnosis, unlike the general hypnotherapy principles, you are your own therapist. Though there are certain limitations in self-hypnosis but it helps in dealing with all emotional problems be it peer pressure, adult life transition and trauma attached to it, depression etc. Our self-hypnosis workshop attendees usually mention one problem with which is about suggestions. In a hypnotized state, as soon as the person makes a suggestion to oneself it brings one back to consciousness as the suggestion must come from a conscious mind.

How to go about Self-Hypnosis?

  1. Make arrangements for recording your own Self-Hypnosis session.
  2. Make sure the environment is calm and comfortable for the therapy.
  3. Practice Deep Breathing as you sit in a recline on a chair.
  4. Keep note of your goals, this makes them more achievable.
  5. Write down the suggestions for each goal. Use imagery as visualization helps in goal planning and achievement.
  6. Keep a self-hypnosis script and it helps you in reducing anxiety.
  7. Practice self-hypnosis on regular basis.

In case you seek a practice session for Self-Hypnosis, write to us on and we shall keep you posted about the upcoming Self-Hypnosis workshops. If you are keen to learn in a one to one session, please mention the same in your email.

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