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Chakra Balancing – the new age Detox Mantra

Posted by on Mar 12, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Chakra Balancing – the new age Detox Mantra

Chakra Balancing – the new age Detox Mantra

“Through systematic meditation one can awaken the third eye and touch the cosmic awareness. Sushumna nadi is the subtle pathway in the spinal cord which passes through the main psychic centers. The awakening of these centres means a gradual expansion of awareness, until it reaches the cosmic awareness. Each center has its own beauty and gracefulness. Through generations of ignorance and unconsciousness, this channel of awareness becomes obscured and hidden. Meditation is to become aware about this internal life energy. Meditation is the procedure to rearrange, harmonize, activate, and integrate the individual life energy with the cosmic life energy.” 
― Amit Ray, Meditation: Insights and Inspirations


Chakra balancing refers to a rather pure and comforting method of refining and restoration of a consistent flow of energy amidst the chakra system. This results in positive well-being, liveliness, confined focus and a sense of relaxation. Step by step, chakra balancing helps unfold and reveal the process of opening individualistic centres of energy. It also helps understand the distinct forms of energies that flow within us.

In today’s dynamic stage, balancing of the chakra serves one primary aim; analysis of the working of the chakras & their energy-full interactions amongst each other. This makes it important to consider not only a single chakra at a time – also the neighbouring centres followed by the energy sprouting via the whole system.

Why should Chakras be balanced?

The overall level of energy that is flowing throughout your body needs to be controlled and directed to avoid chaotic encounters. On a pretty much daily basis, we encounter such affirmative stressful situations that may deduct the nourishing our internal, external & spiritual body demands.

Hereby, stress can cause certain fluctuations that may cause a hinder in the energy flow. This results in the following situations-

  • It leads to a significant blocking and closing up of a chakra.
  • It excessively increases & the chakra becomes overactive.
  • Causes displacement in the positioning of the energetic field.

    Rehabilitation of energy and the power that lies in your chakra can help regain the lost control over your wellness, spirituality and health in a prominent manner.How to Balance your Chakras? Chakra balancing techniques are broadly categorized into three main types in accordance to their expertise:

    • An introspective and a meditative practise.
    • Adopting physical processes & activities.
    • Transmittal of energy from one person to another.

    Practises that can be adopted to attain the above-

  • Meditation Any form of meditation refers to a slow process of introspection and expression of personal considered thoughts on a certain subject. Meditation truly helps you hear yourself and connect with your subconscious mind to attain the truest form of knowledge and wisdom.
  • Alternative (holistic) medicine This refers to a range of medical therapies which do not typically fall under the medical theories and profession. It encompasses of procedures like naturopathy, natural healing & any form of herbalism.
  • Yoga Yoga refers to a Hindu form of self-explanatory discipline that is practised for improvement of mental as well as physical health and relaxation. It is a spiritual sense of being that ensures the calming of your mind in difficult situations.
  • Energy Healing This is a pseudo-scientific-based form of alternative medicine that comprises of energy therapy, energy healing, energy medicine & spiritual healing. This states that healers tend to channel and transmit their healing power and energy to a patient for positive aftermaths.
  • Pranayama This is a yogic form of controlling your own breath, the ultimate source of your survival a.k.a prana. As the name suggests, “pranayama” refers to “control of breath”. It is always said that chakra is collided with the experiences we encounter in life at each stage. These experiences tend to imprint our minds & influence their functioning. This is why a negative experience in a given situation results in contraction in the energy flow and so on. Did you know that formerly there is a philosophical theory behind the concept of chakra healing? This concept largely depends on two elements being healer & tradition. This results in two varying flows of energy as the following-
    • A downward flow drawn from a universal source
    • An upward flow driven out from the earth’s magnetic field that passes through each chakra one-by-one

    This polarity of energies clearly states “mind over matter” to be the base mantra for all origins that reside amidst this concept altogether.

    Henceforth, given facts that chakras hold a rather extrusive and symbolic worth in our sense of beings; we must help enhance and pivot towards the righteous path. Do not hesitate in seeking professional guidance for the same!

    If you seek help in balancing the chakra or to understand the dynamics of body, mind & soul by understanding your Chakras and subconscious mind, write to us on

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