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Chakra Balancing – Techniques to Clean and Heal your Chakras

Posted by on May 26, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Chakra Balancing – Techniques to Clean and Heal your Chakras

Chakra Balancing – Techniques to Clean and Heal your Chakras

The word “chakra” has been derived from Sanskrit language, referring to meaning “wheel”, “circle” or “cycle”, symbolizing endless rotation of immense power or shakti. There are about 88,000 chakras in an ideal human body, out of which 7 are considered of extreme vitality and are referred to as “major chakras”. These are Root Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra and Throat Chakra. The area between the bottom of your spinal cord (at the point of the coccyx bone) to the top part of your head (along the spinal cord, to the top).

Did you know that distinctive physical structures are categorized as chakras? They build parts of the body alongwith breathing channels called “nadi”. The chakras are located along the sushumna (central channel), with two side-channels crossing it at the primary location of their existence. These possess a number of “petals” and “spokes” and are generally associated with a mantra seed-syllable with various colors and deities.

Chakra healing and balancing refers to regaining the lost harmony, sense of support and a stable, peaceful state of mind within the realm of spirit, body earth and health. Each chakra located in our body correlates to a distinct and specific body ailment and dysfunction – gathering our emotional and mental strengths. As we grow, we encounter a chaotic imbalance amongst the chakras due to our external circumstances and situation. In such a phase, the basic aim should be to reach the point of balance between universality and grounding with complete emotional and mental control by healing and cleaning your chakras.

Below are 5 techniques that can help you clean and heal your Chakras:

 1. Provide Affirmation and Comfort


The most powerful tool of healing is provision of affirmation and comfort to the mind and chakras. Affirmation refers to positive and optimistic statements about oneself that strengthens and heals the broken and damaged parts of our mind, soul and body. This helps us widen our horizons of focus and concentration individually for every chakra.
Here is an example:
• The Root Chakra: “I am sufficient. I am enough. I am able and I am capable, filled with true humility.”
• The Solar Plexus: “I am in complete acceptance of who I am. I embrace my weaknesses just as I embrace my strengths.”
• The Sacral Chakra: “I am humble, effulgent and able-bodied. I live a cherish-able, satisfactory and healthy life.”
• The Heart Chakra: “Love heals. Love is the solution to every ultimatum and I believe in giving and receiving unconditional love.”
• The Third-Eye Chakra: “I possess true wisdom and experience life at its fullest.”
• The Throat Chakra: “My thoughts are pure and concrete. I am unambiguous and voiced about my opinions.”
• The Crown Chakra: “I possess celestial and magnificent energy.”

2. Meditation


For chakra meditation, it is advisory to emphasize on two levels of concentration: the level of cause & the level of effects. Focusing on the level of cause refers to the addressing of the cause of distress and disturbance whereas focusing on the level of effects refers to the Chakra meditation being used to relax the effects of being isolated and mentally disturbed throughout.
Meditation brushes away the negativity and calms the mind. It helps introspect and increases intake of purity.

3. Massages


This is the most common technique of healing chakras. Each of the main chakras has its own relief points and spots which help an individual regain the sense of calmness and satisfaction. You can seek professional guidance in this context, as it varies from chakra to chakra and organ to organ.

4. Colors


Each color has its own vibe, which directly affects our emotions and thinking. Chakras can be rebalanced by exposing our mind and body to variant colors in our external surroundings – home, food, clothes, etc. Each chakra has its own, specific color associated to it.
Below are the colors along with chakras they’re associated with;
 The Root Chakra: Red
 The Sacral Chakra: Orange
 The Solar Plexus Chakra: Yellow
 The Heart Chakra: Green
 The Throat Chakra: Blue
 The Third-Eye Chakra: Indigo
 The Crown Chakra: White

5. Music


Music frequencies can be used to create and produce healing sounds. Each chakra responds to various chakra healing frequency released, like Isochronic Chakra Suite (Tibetan Singing Bowls entwined with Solfeggio frequencies).

Henceforth, true healing and balancing of a chakra can be attained by the above five techniques and various more, which helps you release positive energies and live a healthy life. For further and better understanding of the procedures and various alternatives, do not hesitate in seeking professional help.


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