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Crystal Healing: An Introduction

Posted by on Apr 26, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

Crystal Healing: An Introduction

Crystal Healing: An Introduction

Crystal healing is a well-known and trusted strategy for several decades to draw out negative energy by placing gemstones on the body. The crystals have ranged in different colors, chemicals, and structure in the realm of the mineral kingdom. They all have their unique properties and appearance. These crystals due to its unique composition and patterns are well known as an alternative medical technique to work against odds, bad and illness happening in our human lives.

How to identify your crystal for healing

Generally, the crystal healing is conducted by determining a particular crystal suitable for one’s life based on either the color (with its link to healing properties), zodiac sign, or intention/purpose for healing.


Crystal healing is nothing but identifying suitable color with its specific link to healing properties. For instance, every color of the crystal is associated with a particular desire or purpose underlying, and the designated energies within crystals are known to have healing properties for the purpose. The common and well known crystal colors include Blue (for relaxed and balanced life), brown (for absorbing negative energy), Yellow or gold (for optimism), green (for a balanced life concerning emotions), pink (for love) and white (for transformation). There are as well other colors of crystals which have hidden meanings to them.

Specific crystals in these colors are generally suggested for healing. For instance, blue crystals such as Azurite can be recommended for the emotional balance or yellow crystal like Amber can be advised for bringing hope and joy.

Crystal healing based on astrology

Similarly, crystal healing also takes place through astrology and one’s zodiac sign. You can also combine astrology and crystals to get to a whole new level of energy. Taking into consideration the zodiac sign, crystals are recommended as per the nature of the astrological sign for healing. Let us see what the crystal healing as per zodiac says.

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