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DIY Guide to Chakra Healing

Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

DIY Guide to Chakra Healing

DIY Guide to Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing can be done through numerous ways, and many of them are absolutely Do It Yourself. This post is a guide to Chakra Healing and balancing which you and your friends can do collectively at home.

The popular methods of chakra healing by yourself include Mediation, visualization, Aromatherapy etc. Chanting and Yoga are also considered as the methods of chakra healing and balancing. People learn and adopt through workshops

You must be wondering if all these methods are equally efficient and impactful in curing the imbalance of chakras! Well, the answer is – it depends on person to person and body to body.

Each of the popular method is linked to some particular chakra, that is the reason one find cure and peace in one method of chakra healing where as others find contentment through a different method.

Before we go further and talk about healing method for each chakra, understand the basics of Chakra Balancing through Imbalanced Chakras.

Healing your 1st Chakra

The first chakra is considered dense and hence it is related to physical activities and sense of smell. Many therapists recommend gemstones as they provide the earthiness and earth is the element of first chakra.

Other DIY activities include, yoga, gardening and aromatherapy.

Healing your 2nd Chakra

Water activities are recommended for healing 2nd chakra in body since the element of 2nd chakra is water. Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables are also a part of DIY regime for healing 2nd chakra in the body.

Healing your 3rd Chakra

The third chakra is related to Sun, the element of fire rules the third chakra of body in a major way. Deep breathing, power yoga and even sun bathing and meditation helps in healing the third chakra of our body.

The cure of 3rd chakra should be around confidence building and confidence boosting.

Healing your 4th Chakra

The fourth chakra acts as the bridge, the connecting point of lower and upper chakras. It is where the physicality meets the spirituality. For example, hugging is the simplest way to calm and balance the heart chakra.

And sort of Deep Breathing, Silent Walks, Easy yoga which involves breath work is considered good for healing the 4th chakra of our body.

Healing your 5th Chakra

Therapists believe that fifth chakra leads to bigger and better horizons. There is a lot of significance to sound when it comes to 5th chakra – be it signing, chanting, rhyming etc.

One of my client feels eased out and content just by singing loudly and chanting. She believes it is her way to shun away and out from the outwardly world and its distractions. This saves her from distractions.

A mantra as short as ‘Om’ has a calming effect when you are working on 5th Chakra Healing.

Healing your 6th Chakra

Meditation and Visualization is the key to Healing your 6th Chakra. The idea is to involve in practices which generate energy.

Visualization can be as easy as creating vision boards, blue prints of the tasks at hand. Modern day gadgets offer lot of easy ways to visualize, it could be apps, drawings, infographics etc which generate positive energy and bring you back to your toes to execute and perform.

Healing your 7th Chakra

Try a silent walk in the woods, a meditation tour on the banks of a river, just be yourself and exist for once. Try some no brainer activity with yourself and the higher self. Seek guidance and pray – that is the way out to heal your 7th Chakra.

These are some easy ways for Chakra Healing and Balancing. You can try these at home, with yourself. But if you are not getting desired results, visit us and speak to our therapist. May be you need guidance in dowsing and healing.

Sometimes, we fail to identify the lacking and imbalanced chakra and that is how we get into prolonged healing with no results. Identification of imbalanced Chakra is important to begin with Chakra healing. You can book an appointment here or write to,

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