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How can you become an authentic Tarot Reader

Posted by on Apr 17, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

How can you become an authentic Tarot Reader

How can you become an authentic Tarot Reader

Becoming a professional Tarot Reader isn’t something to take lightly. Maybe you’ve got a tarot deck
and a good book and worked your way through it. Maybe you can already remember most of the
card meanings. Maybe you already see yourself helping people through their tough times. Maybe
you are quite popular among your friends to offer them free Tarot readings. But hey getting paid for
readings to strangers is a different card game altogether! A lot of people seek out tarot reading
when they are going through a lot of chaos in their life. Therefore they may be totally vulnerable.
Some may pour their heart out others will be unusually quiet. Some can get totally emotional. So
you will be thrown at different situations which otherwise are not pleasant. From ethics to skills of
counseling, from keeping your cool to dealing with your nerves, a good reader has to develop and
hone his/her Tarot reading skills keeping in mind all these attributes. We will help you with a brief
list of suggestion that you need to focus on to become a really good Tarot reader.

Know your cards

You don’t really have to be a psychic to read Tarot. Nor do you have to wait for ages to be out there.
The simple mantra is to improve your knowledge on a daily basis by drawing a card a day, keeping a
tarot journal, reading as many books, attending workshops and talking to other tarot readers.
Practice, practice, and practice. The way we deal with any other profession, Tarot reading is no
different. Rely on a combination of intuition, knowledge of the cards, life experience and feedback
from the person we’re reading for.

Develop your listening skills

Listening is so much more than just hearing. In reading sessions, you should not only open your ears
but also your minds and hearts – to your client. It’s about being there to give your client the much-
needed support. Effective listening will offer you many benefits (to understand what they are going
through, how anxious they feel at that moment), and encourage your client also to feel valued as well.
Hear what they are saying; repeat it back to them in your own words, if necessary. Try to understand
their point-of-view before offering them any solution.

Know how to keep calm

Now, you may have honed your skills while reading the cards for your friends but it’s like performance
time when you are reading to complete strangers. And when you are performing, the pressure to
perform well and deliver a good reading is ought to set in. But it is important to be calm and
grounded during a tarot reading. If you are nervous, the one hearing you out on the other side will
not be feeling too confident about the session. So set aside a bit of time before your readings to get
calm and centered, particularly if you are feeling nervous. Listening to a meditation CD can be
extremely helpful to keep calm and let go of anxiety.

Be a good communicator

Start enjoying your session. Take it less of a challenge and more of a deed of helping people and
inspiring them to do well. Convey your message across in such a manner that you are not
misunderstood. Don’t overpower the seeker with tarot jargon. They don’t care about the terms or
signs or method (at least 80% of the clientele), they are only interested in the situation that they are
consulting you about. If you can get them to really look at the card and express how it makes them
feel, then you are doing really well.

Develop Your Counselling Skills

If you have the experience of dealing with a lot of people in life, you will agree that sometimes being
direct with a client isn’t as bad but with most you need to be more guarded. Some people like their
readings ‘straight’, some are terrified of hearing bad news (if they are already dealing with chaos in
life). Senses are heightened during a reading; that person is completely focused on your words so
remember that something you say might fix itself in the seeker’s mind for the rest of their life. So
foremost create a safe reading environment and help your client feel at ease. As suggested before,
listen attentively and communicate clearly. And most importantly keep your calm always.

Hope you found these suggestions helpful. If you want more guidance and develop your skills strong,
please join us for our workshops. These workshops address – creating a sacred space, manifesting
through tarot meditation, basic understanding of intuition and how that applies to readings, an
essential tarot spread, tarot symbolism and much more. All you have to do is get your own deck and
hop on board!

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