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How to make your tarot readings empowering?

Posted by on Apr 15, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

How to make your tarot readings empowering?

How to make your tarot readings empowering?

Tarot readings are well known to talk about fate. The readings either talk about the unavoidable future or demise or make us dream about an impending great event in life. Tarot has both simplistic understanding and complex meaning behind. It is a flexible tool to predict not just about unchanging future but also give insights on what is waiting on our way or the future that we can shape as we want.

But keeping all these aside, can we talk about how tarot readings can be empowering? Empowering your tarot is what that is exciting and fascinating right now. Be it any reading; it is stimulating when one approaches to achieve greater empowerment for oneself.

But why talk on empowering your tarot readings?

Well, imagine something is coming on your way, and you know that is a prediction. But what action to take and what is required after knowing given information? This is what it means on empowering your tarot. So in this article let us see how to emphasize and ask an empowering question in your tarot.

Do not fall into a dual answer trap

Often many of us ask questions like “Will I have a child?”, “Will I get a particular job,” “Will I get married to this person?” and so on. It is on us that we want to know answers for this kind of questions as humans generally do not like being in uncertainty. We want to reduce our doubts. But how nice it can be if we could get better readings from tarot and get more information we need to have from the readings. Start thinking of questions you can ask other than yes/no or wont it be/will it. Think more about the information you need for building a story on the aspect. What all you need to know is important.

Get active

When it comes to reading your tarot, several things come to play such as luck, influence, external forces and so on. But does this mean we just let them come on our way and not know better information? To empower your tarot readings, you have to exercise your own decision making, attitude, and mindset. Don’t just ask if you will get a job; rather you have to think more. What if your application does not reach them, what if you don’t even apply? Even these cases will not let you have the job. Now is the time to think and emphasize on what information you need, how to take action. These should be in your mind while asking a question. Hence rather ask, “What aspects do I talk more about myself to my employer during the interview” or “what mindset do I have to inculcate within myself to get into this job” or even something like this, “How to put my best in this job search?”. This kind of answers will give you information on what you need and what to do to get into the job. These all are practical and action oriented. You can work on your actions, attitude, and behavior. Isn’t this empowering your tarot then?

Think of what information you need and the level of specificity

You can be a bit flexible on what information you need. But the key is not to keep it too broad. General question will always receive a very vague answer. So think on how specific you want to be and to what extent you want to approach a question. This answer is what you need and what you are looking for.

Details and specific information are always empowering and gives more prospect to work as per the information and details. It is going to be upright and personal.

I hope these tips help you to know better on how to empower your tarot readings. Be it narrating a story to someone  or getting a tarot reading, all that matters is details and specific information on what we want to know. Get ready to know a better version of the readings through these tips!

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