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How your Tarot can answer Yes or No questions

Posted by on Mar 18, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

How your Tarot can answer Yes or No questions

How your Tarot can answer Yes or No questions

Am I going to get a job soon? Am I going to have my own home? Am I going to get a raise at work? Am I going to get the right partner in life? Am I going to meet someone new? Am I…

Tarot readers aren’t a fan for yes or no questions but we are sure as a reader you get to face these kinds of questions a lot many times. So how do you respond? Do you say no way girl, I am not answering your yes or no question or do you take a moment to construct what you reading and answer it in yes or no? Well either way, it doesn’t always seem to work. The main reason is that as readers, we know that the future is constantly changing, there are so many moving parts, it depends so much on our actions, our desires, the way we want to shape things that it is totally impossible to say that a ‘yes’ right now will remain a ‘yes’ in days to come! Also Tarot offers a whole lot more depth rather than just answering a question yes or no. The thing with Tarot is that it really uncovers what’s underlying a situation, what’s going on around a situation, what energies are present around the situation, what actions one can take, and so much more. But can we disappoint our clients who are looking for answers. And we also cannot expect them to come with constructive questions. No matter the situation, you should be prepared to answer the yes/no questions. Here’s how:

The ‘One Card’ Draw

To begin with this is the basic technique one can use to answer the Yes or No questions. You have to hold the Yes or No question clearly in your mind and then simply draw a card from the deck. You can draw the card from anywhere in the deck. As far as the reading goes for this one card method, there are a couple of variations. One way to answer your Yes or No question could be basis your own association with the card (either negative or positive). So if you feel the card is a bad omen, then your answer is no and if get good energy from the card, then the answer is yes. The other variation is to use reversed and not reversed positions (make sure you have a mix of upright and reverse cards in the deck). If the card appears upright, then it is a yes. If it comes out reversed then it’s a no.

The ‘Aces’ answer

Just like the one card draw, this is another simple spread. All you have to do is give the deck a good shuffle while you have the specific question in mind. Then begin to deal the cards face up and count until you get to 39. If you get 4 aces in the 39 cards, consider your answer to be yes. If you don’t have any it’s a definite no. Having used this technique you can further clarify the situation at hand. For instance if you get 3/1 then the situation may be favourable or unfavourable. If you get 2/2 then it’s up in the air and you have the power to make it go either way.

The Three-Card Spread

Three-card spreads as you know is a basic Tarot layout and you can use to answer the questions of Yes or No. Simply draw three cards one at a time and place them left to right. Then use the reversed and upright reading method. Upright cards are yes and reversed cards are no. The center card counts twice so there will be no ties. All cards reversed is a strong no. Any 2 cards reversed is probably no. All cards upright is a strong yes. 2 cards upright is probably yes. Sounds straightforward!

The Five-Card Spread

Have a five-card spread in a horizontal line. First you will determine Yes or No by counting the cards. Majors and Even numbered cards count as yes. Court cards and odd numbers count as no. All five yes cards is a definite yes and all five no cards is a strong no. Anything in between can go either yes or no depending on what the majority is. For further insights to the question asked, read the card and interpret its normally done. There are no special positions with this method, so interpret the cards the way you feel towards them.

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