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Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR Analysis)

Posted by on Aug 25, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR Analysis)

Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR Analysis)

“If you want to know the past, look at your present.
If you want to know the future, look at your present.”

– Gautama Buddha

Rohini is a 59 year old woman suffering from chronic and intense pain in her right leg since the past 1 and a half year. She has been consulting various doctors. Eventually she took a session for PLR Therapy and made a visit to a past life where she was an English Soldier’s wife during the Battle of Britain. Back then, whilst saving herself in a warzone, her legs were cut off. However, in that life, she died of agonizing pain forth this event. This experience engraved itself on her unconscious and triggered the pain that occurred, leaving no organic origin or relevant cause for the pain in the present lifetime. As time passed by, the pain that had bothered her in most of her adult life – was 90% gone to relief. PLR analysis would estimate a strong likelihood that in another lifetime where her leg would be injured or put in a similar situation – if she continued to do PLR Therapy and uncover that lifetime – she can get rid of the remaining 10% pain as well by paying back for her Karma from past life.

If we take a look at the antediluvian and antiquated form of Indian Literature, Past Life Regression is explained as a prominent concept in the 2nd Century BC in “Yoga Sutras of Patañjali ” & the “Upanishads”. It states that the soul is naturally burdened with an accretion of experiences and impressions that comprise under karma from past live, where it came to be commonly known as “prati-prasav” meaning the cycle of rebirth and helped individuals gain a new perspective about  the present with the help of their past.

The Concept of past life regression solemnly focuses on the use of traditional hypnosis to restore and recover incarnations (memories of past life), encompassing an unexplainable spiritual experience. It is executed whilst in a psychotherapeutic setting and helps the subject seek answers to various complications and circumstances in the present life – in a hypnotized state – to unconsciously reveal the events and circumstances from their individual past lives. It is like a conventional form of recovered-memory therapy.

Why is this technique worth a shot?

  • Alters your life & all its aspects.
  • Helps you reach your full potential.
  • Helps regain self-confidence and self-sufficiency.
  • Helps overcome the fear of death.
  • Helps reduce anxiety, stress & depression.
  • Reveals the relationship between you & your inner associates (friends & family) and helps analyze your bond better by reviewing the past relationship you shared with each individual
  • Helps you introspect and understand yourself better – reconnecting with your positive thoughts.
  • Experiencing and relishing universal wisdom and peace of mind.

Elements of Life that can be significantly improved with reference to the PLR Therapy;

  • Deeply feared Phobias like the ones of height, water, fire, etc. that seems extremely disconnected to the present reality.
  • Stubborn and dominant attitudes that make you manipulate your own emotions.
  • Negative thoughts and an austere pessimistic attitude.
  • Physical Ailments, acute pains and harsh sensations.
  • Excessive misunderstandings in relationships unexpectedly.

“If someone’s phobia is eliminated instantly and permanently by the remembrance of an event from the past, it seems to make logical sense that that event must have happened.”

  • PLR pioneer, Dr. Edith Fiore (“The Unquiet Dead”)

Hence, Past Life Regression Therapy earnestly aims at reviving positive memories and helping them heal your present – enhancing your individualistic lives – helping them rediscover abilities & gifts from past lives towards the path of growth, healing and internal peace. You can explore more about the Past Life Regression profiling and Past Life Regression sessions and workshops with Karma Conceptz. To learn more about any of the offerings please feel free to write to us,


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