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What is Parent Child Counseling?

Parent Child relationship is one of the most wonderful relationships. It’s a relationship based on support, encouragement and love. But every great thing comes with its own challenges and this relationship is no different. It is the most important responsibility people undertake and a loving and supportive relationship helps parents face the challenges of child rearing. As babies develop into young children, then teenagers and finally grownups, it becomes clear that parenting is one of the most demanding jobs a person can do. And like any other responsibility, parents can often undergo lot of struggles while raising their children.

Parent child counseling can only help when parents acknowledge the fact that they are having difficulty with their children. That is the first step. Further asking help from an expert can give them different options and make parenting easier and more enjoyable once they master some new skills. Parent child relationships skills help build a successful partnership as parents.

How it works?

If you’re having problems as parents, whatever’s causing them, Parent Child Counseling can help you and your children to communicate better, and to understand and resolve differences. You can expect Parent Child Counseling to help you all build stronger relationships and help you to work together as a team. Be it the difficult phase of parenting teenagers or building a communication gap, a proper counseling can help family members to support one another through difficult times, to reduce conflict and arguments and grow stronger as a result.

The counseling process is quite simple. You will meet with a counsellor, who will provide confidential and non-judgemental support, and who will encourage you to have your say and share your feelings. At the first appointment, the counsellor will ask you to talk through what’s happening, and what you’d like to change. You will then work with the counsellor to decide what happens next.

Relationship Counseling by Karma Conceptz – Strengthening Parent Child Bonding

Counseling is a different experience for everyone and we at Karma Conceptz offer unique approaches to take care of the unique needs of your family. We offer counseling to parents to assist them with difficulties they may have with parenting. This can include reading material to help parents, help them master new skills of communication, help them increase awareness of issues faced by children and how to respond to them etc.

To find out more about Parent Child Counseling, and to arrange an appointment, call us on +91-9930010740 to find out what’s available near you or contact our clinic at 196, Ground floor, Opp. Bank of Maharashtra, Sector-2, Vashi, 400706. You can also try a live chat session with our trained counsellor here.