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Simple Ways to Deliver Tarot Reading Online

Posted by on Jul 9, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Simple Ways to Deliver Tarot Reading Online

Simple Ways to Deliver Tarot Reading Online

We are living in a world where time is crucial and nothing comes for free (although we aren’t really charging anything for the post). In such a world we avail services that are mobile and can be taken care on-the-go. Think of the hundreds of apps that make our life easy. Or, for that matter the world of internet where everything is served at a click of a button. And it shouldn’t be an exception when delivering Tarot reading! So you have a Tarot deck and a working knowledge of cards and internet connection at your home. Great! You can now spread the wisdom of Tarot online. As mentioned earlier, no services come free of cost these days, your offerings shouldn’t too. In the beginning, when you were learning, you needed the experience and probably the enthusiasm. So you may have offered readings for free – to friends and family. But now that you have the knowledge, giving away free services can lead to stagnancy and you may lose interest in Tarot over time. Don’t let that happen! It’s not your Tarot cards, it’s how you’re using them. This post is going to show you easy ways to deliver readings online so you can help people while getting your own needs met.

Readings through Email

Well, an email Tarot reading is basically where you would have someone online, they buy a reading with you and they send you a contact form or an email that with the person’s information and question. With this you can go ahead and do a Tarot reading for him or her. And as a reader, you can do that Tarot reading at any time really as long as it’s in the time that you said that you would deliver that reading and you can type out the reading in say a word document or even a Google Docs. Some readers even like to do the reading and then take a photo of the actual card layout and attach that into the reading as well. And then you can easily PDF the reading and send it to your
client via email.

Audio Record your reading

An audio reading is another way of delivering a Tarot reading online. It’s a reading where you simply record it, just the audio, not a video. It’s also more of a one-way interaction which is just talking into a microphone, quite simply and you might have your cards laid out in front of you and you just speak your way through that reading. You can easily record a reading on your mobile device (yes as simple as it gets). And you could also use some free software which you can just download online and get started instantly. Simply save the file and upload the same to Google Drive or Drop Box and then you can share the link to the reading via an email to your client. You can Whatsapp it too.

Video Record your reading

Moving on to the next method, which is doing a reading via video. It’s about just recording yourself, doing the reading with a webcam or a video camera of some sort and the audio obviously. Most laptops and computers do have a webcam built in, so simply use that to record the same. You can get free software online to shoot videos, you can shoot a video on your phone too. You can use the video to show the cards that were laid out and then you can go through that reading. And even if you get interrupted during a video reading, you can always edit it out using software. Once done,easily upload to Google Drive or Dropbox and share that link to your client via email. Simple and easy.

Skype your Session

Skype enables you to do a live call with somebody anywhere in the world, for free (WOW). So why not take the sessions on Skype! All you need to do is install Skype and run it under a good network. There’s many different ways that you can record the call and that way, again, your client has a record of the call as well afterwards and that’s a great value-add for your Tarot reading offers. And then of course, once you’ve finished your reading you can upload that recording again via Google Drive or Dropbox and share the link in the email.


Help spread the learning through Email

Tarot reading is in trend and it’s only going to grow. People who have never picked up a deck of cards before are running towards Tarot like it’s the only way out. The world we are living in is full of chaos and uncertainty. And people these days are relying more on spiritual development tools to find some sort of clarity about the world around them. This is an opportunity for you to offer tarot mentoring sessions. And you can do that at the comfort of your place. You really don’t need to be an ace but you can always share your part of the knowledge. You can share the best tips and strategies to help one read Tarot with confidence. Create basic sessions through Email and invite people to signup. After all mentoring of any sort comes handy to those who want to explore a complete new territory.

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