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Tarot Awakening – Love, Relationships & Work

Posted by on Jul 2, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

Tarot Awakening – Love, Relationships & Work

Tarot Awakening – Love, Relationships & Work

Our life comprises (well majorly) of work and relationships (relationship with partner, friends and family). Being in relationship and having passion for the work you do are critical elements and those may require deep examination at every stage. One mistake in either can ruin everything. It may so happen that at some point you go through stagnancy – related to work and love life. And if you don’t pay much attention to make things work or move out of saturation point, the whole balance of work and love could be at stake.
For that purpose, there are tarot card readings that can help you in your relationship and work; it can fix issues, it can guide you, and assist you in having a healthy and happy life.

Love-Work Tarot Reading

When seeking for peace at work and your relationship,tarot reading can help and assist you in making your romantic relationship healthy and your work life steady. It is normal to have ups and downs in either of area of life. Most often when we have problems in our lives, we pray to the Divine or the universe to help, guide and assist us.

A tarot reading is nothing less than prayer itself where we seek answers through cards. The tarot reading aims to study the relationship in depth to provide you with a detailed image of how your relationship is the way it is and what it could be in the future. Same goes for your work life.

How to follow the reading?

Try and connect with the cards

Laws of cause and effect involve past, present and future. Through the reading, you can benefit from resurfacing the past in the right way. You can transmute karmic debt when you face the truth. The cards you pick help in deep healing and reflection. It will definitely bring forward past actions, present situations and possibilities for the future based on these. The cards, for instance the judgement card may suggest someone new is coming into your life (if you are single). Or it may show you the reasons why you are having trouble in an existing relationship. It may also ask you to go slow or to heed past lessons. It may ask you to mend the past tiff and then go towards present. And to be clear it is love not loneliness driving you. So, the primary step of concern for you should be to connect with the cards.

Ask suitable questions and make it your primary focus

To begin with, you need to think of a question. A specific question is what you want to be answered. It shouldn’t be vague. But first, make sure that your mind is clear. Clear any thoughts, doubts, fears, or anything and everything that you have in mind as anything other than your question can disrupt the reading process. Once you are sure that your mind is clear, and you are ready, start focusing on the question. The higher your amount of focus, the more effective the reading will be.

Pick your card

It’s now time to focus on your question the hardest and while focusing on it, pick up a card from the tarot cards deck. Once you have picked the card, you can now stop focusing on your question and start focusing on what you feel while the card is in your hand. There will be a rush of energy inside you, and you will have a lot of feelings rushing towards you at the same time.

Get answers to your question

At this last stage of the reading, your card will be looked at. You will now be told what the card says and you have to relate it to the strongest feeling you got when you picked it up. You need to keep in mind that the meaning of the reading can be negative as well as positive. Not everything that happens in life is as you want it. So, if you were expecting a positive outcome but you got a negative one, you have to learn to accept it and work harder to fix whatever it was that needs fixing.

The outcome of the reading

The love tarot reading can tell you how to find your soul mate in a very effective and efficient way. It can also guide you how to ignite the passion of true love in your current relationship. It can also help in making you realize the status of your current relationship with your partner. In work or projects, the cards can suggest you to use your vital inner qualities to overcome a battle of the wills. It can also suggest how to make a move from the current challenge and take a path that is more fulfilling.

Remember love, growth and destiny, they have the greatest potential in our awakened state; judgement is necessary but can confine us if not coming from the soul. Tarot awakening is an opportunity to return to your soul. If you want more guidance about tarot awakening then contact us soon!

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