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Tarot the lovers

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Tarot the lovers

Tarot the lovers

Some believe tarot reading is as ancient as the Egyptian civilization. It is also well-known and believed that it was only accessible to the elite to consult the oracle before any significant events they under take. Tarot reading is an influential, mysterious religious art practiced to tell fortunes, and warn the person of any dangers that wait for them in store. These readings are said by considering their respective zodiac signs before reading the Tarot of that person. In other words, tarot takes the past, reads the present and predict the future.

However, some reject it as baloney. However, the psychiatrist and religious scholar believe that it is as important as religion in filling the void created by unanswered questions in a person’s life. It gives guidance and depends on the subjectivity of the person who seeks to know their future and remedy the courses of action of their past to reap maximum benefits at present.

The tarot readers interpret the symbols on the card which are mostly Egyptian hieroglyphs. The interpretations also vary by the knowledge the tarot reader possesses — the cultural background of the tarot reader and the tarot seeker. Most importantly, the purpose of the tarot seekers to seek wisdom from the tarot reading also influences the results.

In this article let us know more on tarot reading and how tarot the lovers card work!

When is tarot reading required?

When a person faces uncertainty in their life and does not know the reasons for the events that affect them severely, people generally seek asylum with the religion. Some prefer to know the answers more directly and approach tarot reading. The images the tarot seeker finds in the tarot cards mediate the life’s past, present, and future. The tarot reader then provides them with explanation and reason and warns for the unforeseen events in life. Nevertheless,
one must know that there are limitations on how these tarot cards are interpreted and utilized. This aspect highly influences the experiences of the tarot seeker either positively or negatively based on their state of mind. It is also required to keep in mind that the tarot cards are meaningless on their own and just a guiding tool to interpret the future of the tarot seeker based on the mood, culture and the skill of the tarot reader.

Tarot lovers meaning

In the lovers card, the man and woman are often directly linked to the persons the tarot seeker maintains a relationship with. This can be his/her partner, friend, business ally or loved ones and interpreted in wide ways and answered in relevance to the problem the tarot seeker confronts with. It is generally represented in the tarot lovers card that they both are being blessed by an angel which is often attributed to Raphael, the angel of air, which is the
same element of zodiac sign-Gemini. This angel is associated with mental health, though the process, turmoil with the partner in the relationship, communication between the partners. The card also depicts that the angel of air is blessing the man and woman which is interpreted as a good sign, either they will get harmony in their relationship or they are going to have a fruitful and lovely relationship. The tarot lover card also often read as the eternal truth that everyone needs another support in life, and we are supposed to live in union and balance the natural cosmic force of the opposite nature.

Upright Lovers Meaning

The upright lover’s tarot card, in fact, makes the tarot seeker question the definition of love and meaning of life. The upright Tarot lover’s card symbolizes trust, affection, confidence,mutual dependency, love, and strength one exhibit towards their partner. The tarot reader possibly suggests that this card stands as a mirror image of what the tarot seeker is ready to give and is going to receive the same from their partner. It also suggests the implications and
consequences of one’s choice especially when confronted with a dilemma in life.

Reversed Lovers Meaning

Reversed lover’s Tarot card stands in contrary to the upright lover’s tarot card. It is interpreted to be sad, disharmony and bringing rifts in one’s life. This card is also read as adding pressure to the existing relationship between the partners, widening the communication gap possibly miscommunication and lack of trust. The tarot seeker is warned of the potentiality of disharmonious relationship they may face in their personal lives. The
card also suggests that the tarot seeker is avoiding the responsibility towards their partner and the card gives them warning to mend the relationship issues they are facing. Hence the relationship needs an amendment to work it well and go ahead for a happy living.

Tarot the lover cards are as amazing as they can get. While one must not forget the inner beauty and significance of tarot lovers card, remember, it is essential to know that these are only meant to give information to understand the central meaning within. Forget not the limitations and have a happy tarot reading!


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