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Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy

Posted by on Sep 13, 2017 in Blog | 0 comments

Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy

Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy

You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.

  • Swami Vivekananda

The realm of spirituality grows along with our body as time passes by. Given the variant circumstances; the pressure that builds on and within us increases as well. At such times, how would you feel if your fears, phobias or causes of anxiety manage to disappear or run out of your sight & mind? Clearing of your deep-rooted traumas and pulling yourself out of a denial stage is a relevant task. Hence, to serve this purpose, the theories of Theta Healing & Hypnotherapy have been introduced.

Our brain experiences five distinctive types of brainwave activities in our surroundings;

  • Beta wave occurs in times of alertness and prompt activeness.
  • Alpha wave is experienced in times of meditation & an unusually calm phase of the mind.
  • Gamma wave is significant in times of high reception, processing & learning.
  • Delta wave occurs in the state of a deep, sound sleep.
  • Theta wave is active when we are midst the transition into a dream state.

Here, it is the Theta Wave that is utilized for the commencement of Theta Healing & Hypnotherapy. These brainwaves ingress the subconscious mind and has the access to all our experiences, beliefs, habits & emotions.

Theta Healing

The process of theta healing encompasses of the ability to connect to the divine spirit that fastens each element around you in your existence – into an enhanced being. It helps seek satisfaction and make amendments in past-life actions or circumstantial consequences.

  • It helps resolve severe doubts that else put you between two crossroads full of doubts.
  • Theta Healing helps remove negative and fearful thoughts from your mind and helps regain a positive perspective.
  • It helps gather a fluent energy flow that helps make you naturally creative and keen to learn more.
  • It helps you learn the art of acceptance in order to truly move forward in life.
  • It helps you reconnect with the happy moments of your childhood that you might have otherwise lost, in order to help you connect with yourself in a better manner.
  • It helps you seek peace and harmony with yourself resulting in healthier and more fruitful relationships with another being – due to the confidence and empathy in self.
  • It also helps recover from severe conditions like addiction, drug abuse, depression, severe anxiety, obsession, loss of confidence, stage frights, trauma, etc.


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that exercises hypnosis to control, analyze and heal the mind. Scientific studies have proven it as well that when under hypnosis – a mind can emit a genuine and absolutely strong effect on the body – which is bound to be inevitable due to unconsciousness.

  • It reduces the current stress, decreases the blood pressure and consciousness.
  • It accelerates healing and helps you regain the lost control in your life.
  • It acts as a bridge between your mind and you subconscious mind – helping you experience sensations, images & circumstances to revive each memory.
  • It helps signify self-management skills and helps discover resources that may help enhance your self-care and value worth.
  • Increases your will power and helps you fight addictions and obsession.
  • It is a slow process as it deeply focuses on each form of feeling and guides you to find the correct reaction to each action.

Difference between Theta Healing & Hypnotherapy

  1. Core Level – Each and every moment that you have experienced, retained and learnt in the present time phase.
  2. Historical Level – A compilation of your individualistic past life experiences, thoughts, affirmatives & beliefs.

Whereas, Theta Healing encompasses of 4 levels-

  1. Core Level
  2. Historical Level
  3. Soul Level – A collection of immersed thoughts and elements from the other three levels.
  4. Genetic Level – Combines and represents the “sole knowledge of the ancestors”.


  • Hypnotherapy puts an intense emphasis on deep introspection and molding the destiny forth with the help of your own subconscious mind (no involvement of God) – it is a dynamic, powerful & paramount process.

On the other hand, Theta Healing primarily focuses on physical emotional & spiritual healing.

 However, your individualistic thought process and belief system helps you make the final choice of which procedure to adopt for your spiritual healing, growth & progress. You should always make sure that the guidance you approach is authentic and professional at all times and that you are absolutely thorough with the concept of your choice.

For a workshop on Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy, you can email us on or you can speak to the therapist and trainer on +91- 9930010740


Sandeep Dere

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