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Top Powerful crystals one should own

Posted by on May 15, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

Top Powerful crystals one should own

Top Powerful crystals one should own

Crystals are typically considered to be fashion items by many people who don’t know that there are benefits involved in possessing some of the powerful crystals available. Each gem, crystal or diamond is believed to have a distinctive characteristic which will increase the experience of the person wearing that particular crystal. These crystals are worn by humans from time immemorial. Though it is believed that, the early human beings wear the crystals as a fashion statement, but later it was evolved as a science of its own making the people realize the benefits of the powerful crystals. It is popularly believed that the crystals have healing, soothing, calming, attracting or bringing luck powers with them. They are worn around necks as necklaces, bracelets, heard ornaments, and some tie them around their arms and legs as suggested by the spiritual specialist to reap the maximum from the crystal. It will not be an exaggeration to tell that almost all the cultures believe in the powers of the crystals.

Crystals and significance

The supporters of the science of the powerful crystals often quote how serene and peaceful we feel when we visit ancient religious monuments of various religions. Most of the Hindu and Buddhist temples are known for placing the right kind of crystal in the right place by following the appropriate architectural science to make the visitors of the temple to feel the place and search for the inner peace of their souls.

Though some people believe that not all the crystals suits and agrees with everyone. To feel the maximum effects and also based on the need of the hour it is advised to choose and wear the appropriate crystal in order to feel the power of the crystals. In the following sections, we are listing the top ten powerful crystals everyone should know about and one at least the most desired one as per their individual character and need.

1. Amethyst:

Amethyst is synonymously called amethyst quartz and comes in different purple variants. Amethyst believed to give the bearer sobriety, purity, composure, calm and helps overcome habitual tendencies and addictions. Believed to be good for lungs, large intestine and skin. It is rightly called all-purpose stone as the calm composure gives to take better decisions especially when you are out traveling. It is also called as traveler’s stone providing extra safety on the road.

2. Aventurine:

Aventurine can be found in various colors such as green, red, yellow, blue and more. It is often attributed to the features of true love, friendship and lasting relationship. It is also believed this stone played an important role in the business deals and marriage alliances in the ancient Chinese society. Green Aventurine is called luck stone bringing good fortune, happiness and pave the way for new opportunities. It is commonly available power crystal and often credited with bringing cheerfulness,helps with nervousness, stress and sleep disorder. It is also assumed to have healing powers such as preventing heart attack, alleviates rashes, inflammations, sunburn, and sunstroke.

3. Carnelian:

Mostly in light orange to reddish brown color. It stimulates and motivates to overcome difficulties and assures perseverance one need to not give up on the critical situations. Some believe it acts as a life changing crystal, as the confidence one realizes passing through the tough situation often makes them stronger and be ready to face any kind of situation in one’s life. Further, it enhances receptivity. It is believed to stimulate the assimilation of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in the small intestine and improve the blood flow.

4. Citrine:

Generally light yellow in color. This is also known as merchant’s stone believed to bring opportunities to earn more money and eradicate the symptoms of poverty. Highly advised to keep in the cash box or the place used to store cash or wealth usually. So naturally, it is believed to work for the depression and helps to express oneself more explicitly.

5. Clear quartz:

Generally found in the water or white color in various shapes and sizes. Few of the clear quartz are commonly available, but other varieties are considered to be of rarity. Believed to help in hearing ones inner voices and helps examine oneself neutrally and promotes the perceptive faculty. Because of the availability of various shapes and sizes and its white and water color it is also known as ‘the master healer’. Spiritual experts advise to keep a clear quartz with everyone.

6. Jade:

Available in rectangular shapes and from light green to dark green colors. Believed in providing a balance between work and the personal life. Often makes the bearer to realize things otherwise that are considered as childish, innocent and most true to their nature. It is also believed to regulate the nerves, maintains water and minerals balance in the blood. Jade is also considered as an attractor of love and money.

7. Rose Quartz:

Available in a spherical shape and in light pink color. True to its name it is believed to increase empathy and helps with sexual difficulties. This rose quartz also believed to illuminate the personal needs and desires of others. Naturally believed to strengthen the sexual organs and fertility and recreate and refresh the bearer with its ability.

8. Sunstone:

Available in glittering brown color. Believed to give vibes of life affirming, reduce anxiety and depression and turns ones attention to personal growth and the sunny side of the life giving optimism its fullest weight and helps the bearer to overcome the negativity in life. Right this stone is also called a happy stone.

9. Tiger Eye:

It is believed to be a grounding and protection stone. Those who feel anxiety and fear the upcoming events in life are suggested to wear this. Tiger Eye will give confidence and courage to face the unforeseen challenges in life. Takes away the empty feeling and injects with a self-assuredness.

10. Turquoise:

The available bluish alkaline form represents the reef of the ocean. This crystal believed to cheer, and protect from the external influences. It also helps recognizes the causes of happiness and unhappiness and masters them. It is also believed to make you do soul searching. It helps you to find honesty within yourself and makes ones realize what has to be changed in one’s life.

Pick up the crystals required and best suited to you and see their magic yourself! The significance of these crystals forever remain and they are quite effective if you believe in them.

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