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What are access consciousness bars?

Posted by on Feb 23, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

What are access consciousness bars?

What are access consciousness bars?

Access Bars is a holistic therapeutic technique that involves the 32 bars of energy that run through our heads. It has helped many people deal with physical and mental issues, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts and blockages in the mind. These 32 bars of energy have the electromagnetic component of all our thoughts and feelings. There are bars for each of our ideas, thoughts or feelings, such as for control, creativity, sexual energy, etc. Each of these bars has a certain amount of energy that defines the capacity of the person in respect of that particular field of idea or thought.

Access bars is a process of activating these bars of energy to change the way a person functions. It tries to alter the electromagnetic walls to have positive effect on the individual. For instance, when a person decides to stop doing something or is inhibited by something, a wall of energy limits the capability of the person. Access bars address these walls or barriers to release the energy that’s stuck inside. This helps to clear these mental blockages and make space for newer ideas. It’s almost akin to cleaning junk to make space for new items.

How do access bars work?

Access bars is a simple therapeutic process where these lines of energy that run across our head are gently touched. This process releases the bound up energy and is known as getting the bars run. This therapy deeply relaxes the mind and removes all negative energies. It heightens a sense of peace and calmness which opens the mind to newer possibilities. It is a life changing process which relaxes you from deep within and not just superficially. It clears out inhibitions, mental blockages, fears, negativity and makes the mind receptive to positive thoughts and new knowledge. You can experience a new kind of consciousness working through your body. It has been seen that people who have had their bars run had a tremendously positive impact upon their lives. While people with stress and insomnia could sleep better, some had good effect on their grades.

When the bars are gently touched, waves in the brain slow down and it actually helps to alter the beliefs and views of a person. Each point of view or belief creates a sort of limitation within the mind and is like a wall of energy as said before. These can be there from childhood or from any point of time in life. These result from any kind of experience or event and remain there for life, if not changed from their position. The access bars sessions can release these limitations and this process of undoing in turns creates that spell of relaxation over the person. On a whole, the process facilitates ease in the body. Running the bars release the trapped past experiences in the mind so that the future gets better.

You can change a lot of future prospects by releasing these walls created in the mind. Over the years, thousands of these walls block the mind and have a series of effects on our mental health. Negative experiences in young age can build up and stay till late adulthood and limit our possibilities. Once these walls are  removed through access bars process, the mind feels free from the entire burden that had been created. This is an approach where you can empower yourself towards a better life with renewed consciousness. Choose access bars if you wish to choose a world of peace and happiness for yourself.

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