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What are love tarot cards?

Posted by on Feb 13, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

What are love tarot cards?

What are love tarot cards?

When people wish to know about their future, one of their biggest concerns is about their love lives. Single people want to know when they can find the person of their dreams while those in a relationship wish to know whether the year will sail smoothly for them. Love is a widely discussed topic in tarot card reading. In such a session there are some cards called the love tarot cards which come up with significant meaning. The tarot card deck has quite a number of love tarot cards that can guide you on the path of love. Here are a top few that you must know about.

The Emperor

The emperor is a symbol of strength and suggests a strong male figure. In a love reading it suggests that you will have a strong male partner in your life for a long-term relationship. This indicates a long, strong and stable relationship in your life.

The Empress

The image of the empress is a symbol of strength, intelligence and sensuality. Getting the Empress card in a tarot card reading session suggests that you are going to have a long and steady relationship with a woman and it would be deeply fulfilling for you both.

The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a love tarot card that suggests the oncoming of a new relationship in your life. It speaks about the upcoming happiness and excitement that you are about to experience either for the first time or all over again. If this comes up, happy times are ahead for you.

Knight of Cups

The Knight is the symbol of strength, virility and passion. Women dream about their knight in shining armour and when this comes up among the love tarot cards you are either being courted by someone or some romantic knight is ready to enter your life soon. Get ready to be swept off your feet by the knight of your dreams.

Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups stands for a beautiful family. It suggests warmth, love and happiness in the home among the family members. It reflects the feeling of having a complete family which makes life worth living. If you get the Ten of Cups it reflects that you have the best partner to live with and create a happy home together.

Ten of Pentacles

If you get the Ten of Pentacles in the love tarot cards it is an indication of a steady and well-established relationship that you would have in life. It can either be a long term relationship or a bond of marriage. On a whole, this tells about a strong and happy family life. Enjoy the bliss if your luck brings you to this.

Four of Wands

When you get love tarot cards such as this you can start dreaming of happier days to come. The Four of Wands suggests celebration and security. In terms of love, it means that your relationship is going to get serious enough to reach the next level. You may be getting engaged or married or start a family. On a whole, this assures of secured home.

The Tower

Not all love tarot cards suggest smooth sailing. Some cards like The Tower can indicate about a shocking change that may come your way. It can change your future or give you a big shock or surprise. There may be a breakup, or upheaval of unpleasant secrets that may turn things upside down.

Three of Swords

This is another love tarot card that says that all may not be well. It can mean that you will face rejection, loneliness and heartbreak. There may be chances of getting cheated and hardships may be knocking at your door. However, these feelings are a part of life and help you to grow and mature as a person.

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