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What is Akashic Reading? How to Access Akashic Records?

Posted by on Jun 26, 2019 in Blog | 0 comments

What is Akashic Reading? How to Access Akashic Records?

What is Akashic Reading? How to Access Akashic Records?

The cycle of life and death is so intriguing. What happens after death? Where does our soul go? Do we carry our thoughts with our soul or do they perish and completely disappear into an infinite abyss?

You must have often experienced that short, fleeting moment when you felt you were at this place, doing the exact same thing. We call it deja vu. But have you wondered why does this happen? This is because there are certain patterns that are repetitive in our lives. People, places, and situations may change but these patterns, in various forms, exist — repeating themselves in an endless time loop.

Here’s another concept — the concept of soul mates. From where does this arise? Soul mates are parts of one Source, which are separated and continue to search each other until they meet again. We are an integral part of Universal Consciousness and are never isolated. We may take different physical forms and reincarnate in every lifetime. During our existence, we learn valuable life lessons that help in the advancement of our souls and help in achieving spiritual perfection. Our end goal is always to finally unite with The Source.

So, how does Akashic Reading or Records feature here?

Your Akashic Record or soul book is a collection of all your past lives, your current life, and what is in store for you in the future. It tells you about the paths you take or the paths you could have taken. It highlights all the hidden opportunities in between. Using your biographical data, it helps you answer your questions about existence.

What are Akashic Records?

Akashic Record is a term that is derived from the Sanskrit word Akasha which means the primary or primordial substance from which everything is created. Also referred to as hall of records, they are basically a multi-dimensional library where all information about the different incarnations of all the souls is coded in light. Previously, this data was available only to seers, saints, and highly evolved souls. Sacred and sublime, it could only be accessed by those who could understand and respect its wisdom. Although they have existed since ancient times and are as old as time itself, they can now be accessed if you own the right know-how.

The origin of the term Akashic reading may have Sanskrit roots, but it is known by different names in different cultures. For example, in ‘Torah’, it is called the book of remembrance. Again in the Bible, it is mentioned as the Book of Life. As per the entries on Garuda Purana, Chitragupta keeps accounts of every action of a person from his birth to death. Edgar Cayce aka the ‘sleeping prophet’ employed a method, known as trance channeling method, and used it to access readings and then gave valuable insights on human evolution and spiritual progress. Helena Blavatsky explained these records as “indestructible tablets of the astral light” and Rudolf Steiner mentioned about them in his writings. There are even scientific theories. Physicist Ervin Laszlo described Akashic reading as follows: “it is the electromagnetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened in the Universe”. To summarize, Akashic records are a type of filing system that contains all our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions and connects these happenings to our past, present and future possibilities.

Akashic records are massive, containing each and every action, word, or emotion that has ever taken place in the world since the dawn of history. Hence, it is an astral light encoded database that presents you with past, present and future possibilities.

However, the records are not static. They can change and evolve with our Karma — which translates to “what goes around comes around” or “you reap what you sow”. Everything together lays a huge role in defining our future.

How can you access Akashic records?

Akashic records are believed to exist in the highest realms of consciousness, which is called Akasha. They are guarded by mighty astral beings or gatekeepers of light, who have never undergone any incarnations. It seems one can only feel their strong energetic presence and never see them. Their sole duty is to protect the sanctity of this sacred database.

In order to access this past information about your previous lifetimes, you need to tap into the seventh vibration. Some of the methods to achieve this are via trance channeling, meditations, sacred prayers, breathing techniques, etc. Anything that aligns with your heart and soul. When you finally open the records, the keepers guide you through retrieving the data.

It is indeed empowering and motivational when you learn the way to access and understand your personal Akashic reading. When you know about your past and how it affects your present or future, you gain insight, guidance and the knowledge to solve incoming issues or hindrances that block your path toward success. In other words, you can live a satisfying and fulfilling life. It also makes you more accountable for your actions and helps you in healing. You accept that something happens for a reason and you adopt measures to face them. Once you grasp this divine art, you can also help others and assist them in progressing in life. In doing so, the wisdom you gather also lifts you up. Yes, it makes you feel light and you will soon see all that accumulated weight wearing off.

However, do remember to always work with integrity when you handle Akashic readings. There should be no ego or negative feelings — only true devotion and selfless love. Only then, you can translate the meanings with clarity and embark on a true journey of spiritual and emotional healing.


When you are able to access the Akasha, you will feel heightened sensory reception and increased intuition levels. Bathed in divine wisdom, you can understand why everything is happening in your life. You may be able to find solutions to your problems and understand your real purpose in the world. Once you know about your karmic debts, blockages or patterns that are a result of your actions in the past, you can take the required measures.

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